I’m hearing a clicking sound when operating the throttles 

If you are hearing this sound please contact support right away for your area. We cannot recommend trying to open and repair this yourself.     

Do I have to use the Alpha and Bravo together or do they work with other hardware?

You don't need one to run the other. Both the Alpha and Bravo are independent units that run by themselves. They are also fully able to work with hardware from other hardware developers.


My throttles, mixtures or props are not responding in MSFS 

After a recent update with MSFS you need to set up a new profile with your controls. Please do the following: 

- Open the control options in you MSFS 

- Go to Preset Manager and create a new (blank Profile) 

- Change the option from Assigned to All and click the Expand collapse button below 

- Go to Power Management 

- Assign your mixture under the ‘Mixture 1 Axis -100 to 100%’ 

- Assign your Prop under Propeller 1 axis 

- Assign your Throttle under Throttle 1 axis (do NOT use the Throttle 1 axis 0 to 100%) 


We will have a PDF with all these instructions and screenshots on our knowledge base